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Awakening Spark was founded out of the need to help create and establish the new paradigms that are necessary to move the world forward, one person at a time.

Why new paradigms?

Each individual lives his/her life in accordance with one or more paradigms about how life should be, how things work, how they should behave, etc. Most often, these paradigms are held and acted upon unconsciously. Individuals acquire their belief systems from a variety of sources, including but not limited to, parental views, societal and religious indoctrination, and both formal and informal curricula in schools. It is now axiomatic that children learn more in their formative years than they do cumulatively for the rest of their lives. Most of this learning goes unquestioned throughout a person’s life. Yet these established paradigms affect each of our choices and patterns of behavior. Ultimately, the position each of us finds ourself in can be directly attributed to the choices that we made, which in turn is dependent on the paradigms we subscribe to. As a result of this unquestioning attitude, and ignorance of the paradigms and philosophies that shape our lives, many of us find that there are certain aspects of our lives we would change- if we knew how.

Awakening Spark offers a unique series of paradigm changing articles based on the merger of ancient knowledge with modern science. These articles will challenge your existing viewpoints while offering alternative ones. Through reading these articles, a new way of thinking and being will arise. The new paradigms will then begin to manifest in your life. Naturally, you will make different decisions. Inevitably, change will come into your life. Be prepared for transformation!

It’s all about you...

Awakening Spark also offers personalized Vedic Astrology services that are based on the new paradigms. This ancient science can inform you of your own belief systems, offer guidance as to what your soul/life purpose is, what are the main areas of your life your karma will affect, and much more. Armed with this knowledge and equipped with the new paradigms you can rediscover your true Self as a Spark of Divinity. You will be empowered you to take control of your life and achieve your full potential!

...and you, and you!

As great and life changing as this is for you, there is also another benefit to this. It is said that if you want to change the world, you need to change yourself. Even as you effect change in your life, so to do you effect change in the world. The current societal paradigms are those that are held by the majority of the individuals in that society. If most individuals are unaware of the paradigms that they hold, then it is also true that most societal paradigms are also held unconsciously. Yet, most individuals act, dress, eat, work, and behave according to these societal paradigms. In other words, people’s lives are shaped by the paradigms that they and society hold. The question is, ‘Are the current paradigms working?

Arguably, the answer is no. It can be seen that the present systems do not support even the most basic fundamental rights of human beings- the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The wealth differentials continue to increase, forcing most people to work longer and harder to support themselves and families. Many individuals have now become slaves to financial debt, and have given up that which makes them happy in order to work and simply survive. Even the sanctity of life seems challenged. Almost daily we encounter evidence of corruption and scandals that shake the foundation of financial, religious and political organizations, just to name a few. Many have even remarked that the state of the world is getting worse. It isn’t. The societal structures that have been set up to serve the needs of a few over the many are now crumbling. Consider for example, the fact that nearly 50% of the world’s wealth lies in the hands of the top 1% of the world’s population, while the bottom 80% of the population cumulatively account for less than 5.5%.  This situation is now being brought into the awareness of society through the failing of these systems.

Are you ready to make a difference in the world?

The genesis of these problematic societal structures are the social paradigms, which in turn are shaped by individual belief systems. With the collapse of such limiting structures, we now have collectively a unique opportunity to re-examine, at a foundational level, all of our existing paradigms. Especially the ones that have traditionally gone unquestioned. When we do this, then we can meaningfully effect change at a societal level. However, this can only be done when each individual confronts their entrenched belief systems, and sees how their beliefs have consciously or unconsciously shaped their decisions and their lives.

This is by no means an easy task. It takes a strong will to truly face one’s belief systems and take ownership of one’s life. It is so easy to blame others. It is much more difficult to take responsibility for oneself. If you are reading this then you are ready for the task. If you want to change your life, you need to change your paradigms. With new paradigms in place you will make different choices. Your actions and responses will be authentically yours, and not conditioned. When you change your paradigms, you will be contributing to meaningful societal change. When you are aware of your life purpose you will be creating change in your life and in the world. Awakening Spark can help you to make your life and the world a better place. Together, we can change our lives. Together, we can change the world!

Awakening Spark

Narendra Dutt Mishra is a Vedic priest and astrologer, professional educator, and Reiki Master with over 15 years experience serving hundreds of satisfied clients. He hails from an orthodox family of Vedic priests and astrologers from whom he studied through the timeless system of Guru-Shishya Parampada (Teacher-Disciple tradition)- one that emphasizes intense spiritual discipline in addition to the rigors of academic study.

He holds graduate and post-graduate qualifications in the diverse fields of Computing and Information Systems, and Education. He is also an avid musician and often combines ancient sound healing techniques through music in his lectures, discourses and healing sessions with traditional energy approaches to great effect. His teachings always emphasize the inherent Oneness of all things, an experience he had firsthand at the early age of 21 by the grace of his Guru, and the fructification of many lives of effort. He continues to aspire to and inspire others to greater levels of enlightenment.



Creating new paradigms for living and being.


To assist individuals to awaken to their true divine nature and achieve their full potential.

Narendra Dutt Mishra, Founder

Awakening Spark

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